The efficient and cost-effective programmes that enables you to study at your own pace and at time of your own choosing

With this programme you will discover a self-directed learning approach that will enable you to focus on preparing for the PRINCE2 Re-Registration examination. We recognise that your time is at a premium, so you will not have to attend a workshop or training course. You determine the pace of your study.
MSP online re- registration
This MSP blended learning course is delivered using the Adobe Connect platform which enables document sharing in real time and video conference. Two dedicated live interactive Webinars plus a half-day to visit our offices at Grove for a final coaching session with Richard Rose, and then the examination. This blended solution offers the best of both worlds.
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Do you know you need to involve people who will be using what you will deliver, but don’t know how to do it? Are you a little daunted about talking with the end customers? Are you overwhelmed by the scale of the people involved? Do you feel that you don’t have enough time? Are people outside your project team causing you problems and distracting you? Well, this programme is for you.
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Are you time poor, disorganised and tired? Many people in business are becoming so. Do you believe you deserve better from yourself? Do you suspect that there a better way of working? Invest in yourself with this remarkable and powerful course. Discover amazing approaches that require little effort but yet yield huge pay-offs in your everyday working life. Declare war on unproductive stress. Free yourself from time poverty.