Monthly Archives: September 2015

Better Business Cases Methodology – Question of the Month September 2015 published on 24/09/2015 by Anne Bellingan

A financial services consultant from a global professional services company writes: “I would be interested to know what the overlap is of this public sector focused methodology with practice in the private sector. When developing this methodology was there any experience taken from the private sector?

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Personal Mastery – podcast published on 24/09/2015 by Patrick Mayfield

In this podcast, Patrick Mayfield explains the genesis behind his design of this unique Personal Mastery workshop, why it goes far beyond just time management and how he believes it will help YOU to ‘get things done’.

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How Adults Learn – Podcast published on 18/09/2015 by Patrick Mayfield

We find those who recognise and acknowledge their skills gaps (the consciously incompetent), who have been in the fight longer and are more experienced, need ‘training’ less and are the most hungry to learn”.

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